Water Micro Electric Mobility Solution

Watercraft require large amounts of power to move, especially at higher speeds, due to the exponential relationship between the speed and the required power to reach that speed. Electric batteries do not offer the same level of energy density as hydrocarbon-based sources of energy. Consequently, an electric system must be more efficient than a traditional hydrocarbon-fueled system to achieve the same performance. Submissions of an efficient solution should also address the following design criteria:

  • Context of use
    • Recreational Use
    • Micro mobility transport 
    • Calm waters such as lakes, rivers, and harbors.
    • Exercise (pedal assist version) is a bonus.
  • Formfactor
    • Light, compact, and easily transportable
    • Collapsable and disassemble-able design
    • Stable yet maneuverable (fun riding experience)
    • Rider must stay dry riding
    • Children, adults, and seniors should all be able to ride the product.
  • Performance
    • Min Speed: 20km/h
    • Max Motor Power: 1.5kW
    • Max Weight: 50kg
    • Combining human and electric power is a bonus
    • Transportable using SUV/Minivan when deflated and disassembled (Dimensions: 50” x 70” or 127 cm x 178 cm)
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