ENVO Next Move is not only about competing; it’s also about thinking and ideating together.

Here you can either share your inspirational ideas with other participants or get inspired by their designs.


All-Terrain Electric Platform

Existing off-road recreational vehicles like quads and side-by-sides have considerable environmental effects. Using fossil fuels and generating lots of noise to explore nature would be

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Snow Electric Mobility Solution

Electric micro-mobility solutions are not yet fully adopted for extreme weather conditions. There is almost no reliable electric micro-mobility solution for areas covered by snow

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ENVO Velomobile

There is no denying that Canadians thoroughly enjoy bicycling all year round, not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also as a form of

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Hydra Water Bike

The Hydra project has successfully passed the proof of concept phase and will be entering the next phase of development. The data from our initial

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Flex Snowbike is a design unique to ENVO. It is the first of its kind, pedal-assist electric snow bike. Flex Snowbike lets you conquer the snow

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