All-Terrain Electric Platform

Existing off-road recreational vehicles like quads and side-by-sides have considerable environmental effects. Using fossil fuels and generating lots of noise to explore nature would be a paradoxical and ironic choice. ENVO wants to take the challenge and develop electric mobility solutions to explore nature with excellent efficiency on the road and off-road. Here are the main design requirements for submissions in this category: 

  • Context of use
    • Recreational use, paved road, and off-road.
    • Horse ranches
    • Agricultural and farm work
    • Hunting
    • Security patrolling (e.g., festivals, large commercial buildings, etc.)
    • Search and Rescue
  • Formfactor
    • Four wheels, stable design with a low center of gravity
    • Hub motors; either two or four-wheel drive.
    • Front and rear suspension. Travel to be determined by the designer.
    • Optional: Suspension could also be used as a steering input with a leaning mechanism,
    • The cockpit can be enclosed/weatherproof or open.
    • A modular platform is desirable, so variable options like seats and extendable cargo can be added or removed. 
    • Swappable and modular batteries to be used.
  • Performance and constraints
    • Speed: 65 km/h
    • Motor power: Minimum of 3 kW. 
    • Range: Minimum 80km
    • Width: Maximum 110cm
    • Wheelbase: Maximum 200cm
    • Weight: Maximum 140kg (including batteries)
    • Power input: No constraints. Examples: Thumb throttle, foot pedal, etc.
    • Steering input: No constraints. Designer to consider power steering depending on the application. Examples: handlebar, leaning mechanism, etc.
    • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes. Regenerative braking is optional.
    • Wheel and Tire size: No constraint.
    • Lights: High power front lights + rear braking lights. Other lights are optional.
    • Turning Radius: 5m maximum
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