Snow Electric Mobility Solution

Electric micro-mobility solutions are not yet fully adopted for extreme weather conditions. There is almost no reliable electric micro-mobility solution for areas covered by snow for more than half the year. How can a solution address the challenges of moving through the snow with zero carbon footprint? Submissions that answer this question should also address the following design criteria:

  • Context of use
    • Recreational Use
    • Snow covered roads
    • Backcountry riding
    • Frozen Lake and ice fishing
    • Towing
    • Exercise (pedal assist version) is a bonus
  • Formfactor
    • Stable yet manoeuvrable
    • Skis, tracks, or a combination of both
    • Suspension
    • The cockpit can be enclosed/weatherproof or open.
    • Optional: Second passenger seat
    • Optional: Cargo area
  • Performance and Constraints
    • Max Speed: 50km/h
    • Motor Power: 3kW
    • Maximum Weight: 75kg
    • Combining human and electric power is a bonus
    • Transportable using SUV/Minivan (Dimensions: 50” x 70” or 127 cm x 178 cm)
    • Electrical Braking with the addition of friction braking if necessary 
    • Visible in low light conditions using front lights and reflectors 
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