Weather Protected Electric Bike/Trike (Velomobile)

Currently, there is a good variety of electric bikes and trikes on the market. However, most products are not designed for all weather conditions. There’s a void in the market for weather-protected e-Bikes and e-Trikes that can be used in the city and to explore nature. This category allows for more freedom in ideation and brave concepts; however, there are some design requirements to be considered:

  • Context of use: 
    • The solution must be suitable for recreation and transportation.
    • Commuting in the rain, sand storm, or high UV.
    • Exercise (pedal assist ride)
    • Used by city dwellers living in condos or small houses
  • Formfactor
    • The solution should be transportable by an SUV or a minivan. 
    • Must fit in a standard bike lane.
    • Light, compact, and easily transportable
    • Maximum three wheels
    • Powered by Hub motor
    • Take-apart design for easy shipping and storage
    • Cockpit enclosed and weatherproof
    • Optional: Protect rider from air pollution
  • Performance and constraints: 
    • Max Speed: 32 km/h
    • Max Motor power: 500W
    • Range: Minimum 40km
    • Max Width: 36in (must fit inside bike lane)
    • Max Weight: 65kg
    • Payload or Child Seat Carrying capacity
    • Front Screen to have anti-fog or water repellent design (wipers etc.)
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