Contestant's Desgin Evaluation Forms

Asbjoerk.S Mogensen

Director of Design

Director of prototype, engineering and design, Micro Mobility Guru. Product strategist and Patent holder BOSCH Powertubes. Owning 286 design awards, he is working as investors’ adviseor & Green Design Mentor.

Jerry Kroll

Electra Meccanica

The Founder of Electra Meccanica Vehicles and the inventor of the one person  electric car Solo. Jerry is also a veteran of 40 Marathons, a pilot, race car driver and life science enthusiast at Jevitty Life Science Corp.

Miles Keller

Dystil President

Miles has won numerous design awards and worked on design activities for Allseating, Herman Miller, Reevo, and others.  Miles served as the president of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario.

Ali Kazemkhani

ENVO Founder

As a passionate clean mobility engineer, Ali founded the ENVO Drive Systems 7 years ago to take part in the electric evolution and develop micro electric mobility products for people to use anywhere, anytime.

Michael Barnard

Green Advisor

Michael projects decarbonization scenarios and advises executives, boards, and investors on current decisions related to aviation refueling, grid storage, vehicle-to-grid, and hydrogen demand products & services.

Designs Scoring System

  • Context of use (15 points)
  • Form factor (15 points)
  • Performance and constraints (10 points)
  • Technology Feasibility and Vision (15 points)


  • Innovative Yet Simple (10 points)
  • Social Awareness (10 points)
  • Sustainability (10 points)
  • Business Viability (15 points)

Top 50 Eligible Contestants Are:

Samuel Strand, Desire luabeya, Dmitriy Balashov, Steven PY Chong, kabeya davis mbumbu, Anastasiya, Nistsiuk, Trong Do Anh Hoang, Symon Meshulam, Uyah Augustine, Farzin, Vít Gabriel, Yekaterina, Lelchuk, Saumitra Vaidya, Abhishek Bangre, Aubrey Jones, Samarjitsinh Waghela, Park Jongwook, Jonas Jagercik, Samyak Khobragade, Ömer Ege Erdoğru, laura merchan, Or Rozenberg, Théo Chauvirey, Linas Čeponas, Nathan Tsung, Alan Tam, Alexander Stuchevsky, Carmen Cutrona, Ondrej Adamec, Alexander Stuchevsky, Tomáš Koblížek, Tan Chee Sing, Mickey Gole, Marek Jurek, Julian David Acero Rodriguez, Julian David, Acero Rodriguez, Robert Garvin, Luke Robb, Philipp Schaake, Miles Pelton, Benjamin McClurkin, Cody Fuller, Caroline Gryder, Terrence Sanford, Rupesh Werulkar, Romain Bouisset, timothé chryssicopoulos, Vipul Kumar, Marco Vicari, Pietro Quintino Sella.


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34 Countries


50 Contestants

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